3-4 year old

The perfect “first dance class”. These forty-five minute

classes are designed to introduce the fundamentals of

dance, movement, and coordination. Here, the dancers

will become familiar with two different styles of dance:

ballet and tap and basic tumbling skills. In these exciting

classes, they will learn basic skills, build a foundation of

technique, and use their imagination while exploring the

creativity of dance. Dancers will participate in our spring


Attire: Any color of leotard and pink tights.

Shoes: Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

Hair: Bun.

COMBO 1, 2 and 3

These are one hour per week and are perfect for dancers

wanting to learn several different styles in one class.

Dancers will be grouped by age, Combo 1- Kindergarten &

1st grade, Combo 2- 2nd grade & 3rd grade, Combo 3-

4th grade & 5th grade. These classes introduce the

dancer to three different styles of dance Jazz, Tap and

Ballet while instilling confidence and technical ability.

Dancers will work to build the necessary strength and

conditioning required for dance success. Combo class

dancers will perform in our spring recital.

Combo 1 and 2 Dress

Attire: Any color of leotard and pink tights.

Shoes: Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

Hair: Bun

Combo 3 Dress

Attire: form-fitting dance outfit

Shoes: Black tap shoes

Hair: Bun

Junior Crew & Crew

Jr. Crew: Kindergarten – 5th grade

Crew:  6th grade and up

Popular energetic street style of dance, This class is fun, creative and provides an upbeat environment. Age appropriate music and choreography is used in each class.

Attire: form-fitting dance outfit

Shoes: Tennis shoes

Hair: Pulled up, out of the face


Hip Hop mixes funk and street dance to create a fun, upbeat

environment. Dancers will learn the fundamentals of the

funky style of hip-hop. This class will encourage students

to bring their own personality to each movement. Dancers

will be challenged to learn choreography quickly, yet also

explore their own creative self by improving. We are a

family oriented dance studio and go out of our way to find

clean age-appropriate music, choreography, and

costumes. Dancers will perform in our spring recital.

Attire: Loose clothing you can move in.

Shoes: Light soled sneakers


5 years old and up

Tap is the best way to learn rhythm, ambidexterity, timing, and

coordination while making a lot of NOISE. Dancers wear

tap shoes while enjoying the freedom of movement in their

legs, ankles, and feet. Tap is a great place to explore new

sounds with your feet and simply have a good time. Not

only is this a timeless dance form, tap is pure fun! Dancers

will perform in our spring recital

Attire: Fitted dance apparel.

Shoes: Black tap shoes.


5 years old and up

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Dancers will

incorporate barre work, across the floor, and new

choreography to provide our dancers with traditional ballet

education. Dancers will perfect their ballet technique, and

students are introduced to ballet vocabulary, learn

classroom etiquette and develop coordination through

ballet. The focus in Ballet is to build strength, grace,

flexibility, balance, and poise. Through barre and floor

work, the dancer will build confidence while maintaining a

disciplined class environment. As dancers progress, they

are invited to begin Pointe at the appropriate time.

Dancers will perform in our spring recital.

Attire: Any color leotard and pink tights.

Shoes: Pink Split Sole ballet shoes.


Acro/ tumbling builds strength and flexibility while learning a variety of

basic skills and tricks. This class is good to pair with one of our dance classes. The class focuses on the proper technique to promote safety and healthy body alignment. The

students will receive hands-on one-on-one instruction with

small classes. Dancers will not perform in our spring


Attire: Leotard or dance apparel of any color and style.

Shoes: Bare feet.

Turns and Leaps

Designed for dancers to learn and perfect their jumps,

leaps, and turns. Endurance and strength exercises are

implemented to build the muscles the dancers use. The

dancer will perform skills in various patterns and

combinations while trying to improve each individual

concept. This is a great class to refine and practice the intricate leaps and turns. Dancers will not perform in our spring recital.

Attire: Fitted top or leotard with dance shorts or pants.

Shoes: Paws or bare feet. NO SOCKS!